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The Starter Ghost Hunting Kit

Starter Ghost Hunting Kit

Starter Ghost Hunting Kit as seen in the TV shows
Starter Ghost Hunting Kit
Cat No.:    G741
Price:    $99.95

Getting started or know someone who would like to become a Ghost Hunter?

This is the best ghost hunter starter kit available!

Original Starter Kit Includes:

  • GaussMaster EMF meter
  • EVP Recorder
  • Portable Motion Sensor
  • Geo-phone vibration Sensor
  • Pen Style Infra-red Thermometer
  • Deluxe Carrying Case to keep it all together.

Makes a great gift, too! All this for one low price of $99.95

(We reserve the right to substitute items of different brands, depending on availability)

NEW! Couples Ghost Hunt Kit

the Couples Ghost Hunting Kit
Couples Ghost Hunt Kit
Cat No.:    G742
Price:    $255.95

Romance for the Adventurous, Adventure for the Romantic

Looking to spice up an anniversary? Impress a date? Or add drama to your honeymoon? Imagine your partner’s delight when presented with the idea of a hair raising couples ghost hunt! Build trust and lasting memories when the two of you, alone in some spooky stakeout, look to each other for confirmation of your findings and reassurance! Imagine the topics you will have to discuss afterwards and the fun of telling your friends and family about your adventure. What you find could change the course of your life. Now that’s the opposite of boring!

The Couples Ghost Hunt Kit includes a wealth of quality equipment to share, two items in each category!

The Couples Ghost Hunting Kit includes:

  • 2 x EMF meters: KII and GaussMaster
  • 2 x Thermometers: Pen style IR and Digital Local/Remote Thermometer
  • 2 x Motion Sensors: Vibration and Motion Alarm
  • 2 x EVP: P-SB7 Spirit Box and EVP Listener
  • Deluxe Tool Case to carry all the quality ghost hunting equipment
  • Bonus: set of 3 Finger Lites also included

Remember, planning the hunt is half the fun. Bring your camera and a picnic. Make it a regular event!

This kit is also a great way to super charge a ghost hunting toolbox for one person or a whole team.

This is a $284.50 value. Now only $255.95, you save over $28!

(We reserve the right to substitute items of different brands, depending on availability)

Build Your Own Kit ( B.Y.O.K. )