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B.Y.O.K. - Ghost Hunting Books

Ultimate Ghost Tech

Ultimate Ghost Tech by Vince Wilson
Ultimate Ghost Tech
Cat No.:    G584
Price:    $15.95

The Science, History & Technology of Ghost Hunting
by Vince Wilson, Parapsychologist & Tech Expert

The Essential Guide to Paranormal Investigation Equipment

In this book, scientific equipment and methods that are used to search for ghosts and hauntings are outlined in detail in a single volume, providing ghost researchers with all of the information they need to legitimately search for evidence of the paranormal.

This entertaining and informative book offers a wealth of practical information on basic equipment operations, the ins and outs of using the equipment during investigations and much more. The book explores the nature of ghosts, temperature detection devices and how to use them, the uses and misuses of EMF meters, recording the voices of the dead, using cameras for investigations, recording the paranormal on video, various types of equipment and how to use it and much more! This is a must-have book for anyone with an interest in ghost research and the proper use of the scientific equipment that has become so prevalent in the supernatural field. It is an essential guide to paranormal research and the perfect addition to any ghost hunter's tool kit! 2012.

Find out:

  • Who were the 1st paranormal researchers?
  • Why proper training is so important!
  • How and why gadgets are supposed to be used!
  • What gadgets and procedures not to use!

Strange Frequencies

Strange Frequencies by Craig Telesha
Strange Frequencies
Cat No.:    G585
Price:    $14.95

A Practical Guide to Paranormal Technology (2008)
by Craig Telesha

An essential and up to date guide to everything a ghost researcher needs to know about using technology to track down evidence of the paranormal.

In this compelling and highly readable guide, the author uncovers the real science behind ghost research; offers a wealth of information on the uses of a wide variety of equipment; and offers in-depth instructional knowledge on the best ways to use technical equipment during an investigation.

The book explores how to use temperature equipment, EMF meters, recording devices, cameras, video equipment, and offers a hard look at the use of “ghost boxes”, which have become so popular in the paranormal community. With this volume, the reader will not only learn to use just about every type of paranormal tech device on the market, but will also learn how to build his own EMF meters, “ghost boxes”, temperature detection equipment, and more, through the use of photographs and detailed schematics.

This is a must-have book for every ghost hunter and for anyone who wants to properly use his or her equipment. It is an essential guide to paranormal research and no ghost hunter’s tool kit should be without it!

Here's Just a Little of What you Can Expect from Strange Frequencies:

  • The Basics tools for every ghost hunter's kit and the knowledge you need to make it all work.
  • The ins and outs and how-tos of paranormal photography, from standard 35 mm cameras and photo techniques to everything that you need to know about digital images; infrared / invisible light photography (including how to do it with digital cameras); analyzing photo evidence; avoiding contamination of your photo evidence; analysis of the "orb" phenomenon and matrixing; using a video camera in investigations; and much more.
  • Sound recording for ghost hunters; best methods of ITC and the gathering of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP); Direct Radio Voice; the Spiricom movement; an in-depth look at "ghost boxes", how they work, what really happens and how you can actually build one for yourself (including photos and detailed plans and schematics)
  • A detailed look at using technology during investigations, from all different kinds of EMF detection equipment to what it all means and how to use it. An essential guide to everything you need to know when using paranormal equipment, including new ideas for old devices, basic equipment, step-by-step methods of using your equipment and what you do -- and don't -- need to have in your tool kit.

Field Guide to Ghost Hunting Techniques

Field Guide to Ghost Hunting Techniques by Dale Kaczmarek
Field Guide to Ghost Hunting Techniques
Cat No.:    G604
Price:    $14.95

by Dale Kaczmarek, President of the Ghost Research Society

Learn Proper Ghost Hunting Techniques

Long-time researcher Dale Kaczmarek teaches reliable methods for paranormal research, investigations, and analysis of data. Step-by-step instructions to standardize your investigations including:

  • Interviewing clients
  • Using meters and equipment
  • EVP experiments
  • Photography and analysis

This guide will help both the novice and seasoned investigator to fine tune their methods and get better data. This is not a theoretical or fictional book. This information has been field tested and can easily be adapted in any type of investigation.

Dead Whispers: Ghostly EVPs

Dead Whispers: Ghostly EVPs by A. E. Angel
Dead Whispers: Ghostly EVPs
Cat No.:    G586
Price:    $19.95

by A. E. Angel

Journey through New England's Haunted Past

Journey through New England's haunted past with an all-female paranormal investigation team, Whaling City Ghosts, to explore an audio fortress of ghosts at over 8 locations. Oftentimes, with long and violent periods, these locations have become some of the most haunted places in the world. Learn about the Salem witch trials and meet their ghosts as they speak out to you. Enter Lizzie Borden's B&B, if you dare, as investigators and celebrities examine claims of paranormal activity in a room where a violent ax murder took place over 100 years ago. Visit an ancient cemetery where the ghosts do not rest easy. Roam the hallways of a historic, haunted gentleman's club and be invited into private homes where ghosts from all ages reside. Tremble to the entity telling an investigator, "You're mine…" in a sinister form of intimidation at a New England home.

Take an adventure like no other, and listen to the dead whispers of the past with an enclosed CD. When a ghost asks, "Who are you?" could it be talking to you? 159 pages, 2012

101 Ways to Find a Ghost

101 Ways to Find a Ghost by Melissa Martin Ellis
101 Ways to Find a Ghost
Cat No.:    G556
Price:    $10.95

by Melissa Martin Ellis

Essential Tools, Tips, and Techniques to Uncover Paranormal Activity

A clearly written handbook for beginners on exploring the unseen. Whether you want to track down and record spirits or you're just intrigued as to whether or not these phantasms really do exist, Ellis will guide your exploration of paranormal activity. Discusses the equipment used and techniques. 243 pages, 2011

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