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Best Seller!
The Starter Ghost Hunting Kit
Starter Ghost Hunting Kit

Add to Cart | $124.95 | Description

Deluxe and Ultimate Kits also available
for beginners, hobbyists & pros
New and Fully Loaded!
The Couples Ghost Hunt Kit
Couples Ghost Hunting Kit

Add to Cart | $299.00 | Description

Team hunting? see our Ghost Hunting Party
Cool Savings and Value!
Remote IR Thermometer
Remote IR Thermometer

Add to Cart | $24.95 | Description

find Temp variations with these tools too
Watch the Entity Move!
6 pc Ghost Sensor Array
Ghost Sensor Array

Add to Cart | $39.99 | N/A

P-SB7 Real Time Spirit Box
P-SB7T Real Time Spirit Box

Add to Cart | $84.90 | Description

detect with these EVP devices too
Get your learn on!
Ultimate Ghost Tech
Ultimate Ghost Tech Book

Add to Cart | $15.99 | Description

more Ghost Hunting books
Protect and Mobilize!
Deluxe Instrument Case
Deluxe Instrument Case

Add to Cart | $19.95 | Description

other important items for your deluxe case and ghost hunting equipment.
LED lights, extension cords, batteries, dataloggers and much, much more.
Nothing gets by you!
Portable Motion Sensor
Portable Motion Sensor

Add to Cart | $19.95 | Description

more equipment to detect & record
Big Savings!
Radex 1503 Geiger Counter
Radex 1503 Geiger Counter

Add to Cart | $60.00 | Description
On Sale! Was $199.95

other ion & radiation equipment

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